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Mortar composite plate

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Mortar composite plate

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Performance introduction

Rock wool composite board is to apply composite material to the surface of rock wool board, such as anti cracking mortar, which makes the hardness of the rock wool board increase, this way, save the construction process, effectively reduce the time limit.


Composition of adhesive layer, insulation layer, plaster layer, decorative layer and fittings.
The adhesive layer belongs to the building, which is between the bottom layer and the surface layer. The top and bottom two layers are firmly adhered together with the cementitious material. The filler is mainly derived from the inorganic material.

In order to avoid and reduce the heat of the steam turbine to the environment, the thermal insulation layer, which is laid on the outer surface of the steam turbine and pipe, is mainly filled with a certain amount of organic matter, moisture, and adhesives.

The veneering layer should choose lightweight functional coatings, such as decorative mortar, plaster, or water-based exterior paint with outstanding air permeability, so that the rock wool composite board has its light quality and its beauty.

The accessories are mainly used for various kinds of coatings. On the one hand, it can increase the color of the surface of the rock wool composite board, so that it can be applied to any environment and paint to some extent to the effect of flame retardancy and heat preservation.

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