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Waterproof rock wool board

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Hydrophobicity rock wool board

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Chang Tai  Technical parameters of rock wool board:

 Inspection project Standard requirements  Determination value
Appearance  Smooth surface, no wounds, stains, breakage  Smooth surface, no wounds, stains, breakage
Size  Length (mm) 1200+15 -3 1203
Width     (mm) 600 600
Thickness    (mm) 50+5 -3 51
Density (kg/m3) ------ 180
 Slag ball content %
( Particle size greater than0.25 mm)
≤10 3.8
 combustion performance A A
 Average fiber diameter μm ≤7.0 4.3
 Thermal conductivity   W/(m ·K) ( average temperature 25℃) ≤0.040 0.039
 Hydrophobicity rate% ≥98.0 99.9
 tensile strength Kpa ≥7.5 15.2
 compressive strength Kpa
≥40 77.6
 Acidity coefficient ≥1.6 2.0
External thermal insulation system of Changtai rock wool outside wall

1. before construction, according to the design and the requirements of the regulations and related technical standards, the special construction plan for energy saving and heat preservation for the project should be prepared, and the technicians should be trained for technical and technical basis.

The construction of 2. rock wool insulation system for energy saving and heat preservation project should be carried out according to the design documents of the qualified construction drawings and the special construction scheme for energy saving and heat preservation for engineering projects approved and approved.

3. production enterprises of the external insulation system of rock wool board should be guided by professional personnel during the construction process, and cooperate with the construction units and on-site supervision to do the construction quality control.

4. the entry of materials must be checked in accordance with specifications, quantity and quality requirements before they can be put into storage. They should be kept in person and strictly prohibited. The curtain wall rock wool board should be piled up to prevent moisture.

5. construction should have the following conditions:

5.1. treatment of base wall and cement mortar leveling layer and installation of embedded parts.

5.2. necessary construction equipment and labor protection supplies should be well prepared.

5.3. scaffolding for construction shall be firmly installed and qualified for safety inspection. The distance between scaffolding vertical pole and horizontal bar and wall and corner should meet construction requirements.

5.4. base wall should be solid and smooth, dry surface, no crack, empty drum, loose or alkali, the bond strength, flatness and verticality of cement mortar should conform to the requirements of the quality of ordinary plastering engineering in GB50210.

6. during construction of rock wool board for external thermal insulation, no construction can be carried out when the base level and construction environment temperature are below 5 C. It is not allowed to work in high winds and rain or snow weather above grade five. Effective measures should be taken during construction and after construction to prevent rainwater erosion and scorching sun exposure. In case of rain in construction, measures should be taken to prevent rain from washing the walls. Winter construction should adopt anti freezing measures according to relevant standards.

Before the 7. large areas of construction, the same material should be used in the field according to the regulations. The construction method and process are used to make sample wall, and the construction can be carried out by the parties concerned.

8. when rock wool board is used for construction, operators should wear protective equipment, do occupational health protection, and pay attention to construction safety.

9. the material necessary for checking the thermal insulation system of rock wool board should be sent to a qualified testing body for testing.

10. the bonding of rock wool board should be sticky or sticky, and the area should not be less than 50%. After applying the adhesive on the rock wool board, we should first paste the lower end of the insulation board and the base. The rock wool board should be laid horizontally along the horizontal direction, and should be anchored at the edge of the plate. The seams should be tightened naturally and the gap between the plates should not be more than 2mm. If the seam width is 2mm, it should be filled with the insulation material, the adjacent plate surface should be flat and the plate height should be flat and between the plates. No more than 1.5mm.

11. all through the wall pipes and components that can reach the rock wool board, the export parts are filled with the same material and filled with water and sealed.

12. if the veneer layer is found to fall off during construction, it should be bonded in time or anchored by anchors, and the outer surface construction should be carried out in time.
  The construction of 13. surface layer should comply with the following requirements:

After the 13.1. rock wool board has been pasted up, the surface of the plastering surface of the plate should be treated by surface treatment, and the whole surface is coated with a stainless steel plastering (thickness 1 to 1.5mm) and pressed into the surface fiber of the rock wool board.

13.2. adhesive plaster shall be strictly in accordance with the product instructions. The adhesive should be directly directed against the sun and should be used in 2H.

The 13.3. plastering layer is divided into two layers. The first layer of the plaster thickness 2 ~ 3mm, should be plastered with a stainless steel sawtooth plastering first, then plastered with a large spatula, and when wet pressure into the glass fiber mesh cloth, when the mortar is slightly dry to touch the anchor parts when a touch can be touched, the plastic disc of the anchor parts and its surrounding are blocked with the plaster, and the first layer of the plaster can be used for the second layer plaster. The thickness of the work is about 2mm, and the thickness of the plaster layer is up to the design requirements.

The laying of 13.4. net cloth should be smooth and straight, and the square correction and perpendicularity of the Yin and yang angle should be kept. The upper and left sides of the net cloth should be overlapped and the width of the lap should not be less than 100mm; the glass fiber mesh cloth must not be laid directly on the surface of the rock wool board, and it should not be exposed, so it must not be joined.

The installation of 13.5. anchors should be positioned according to the design requirements, drilling with a percussion drill or an electric hammer. The depth of the drill hole should be greater than the anchorage depth of 10mm. The anchorage nail is knocked into or twisted into the wall when the installation is installed. The disc is tightly attached to the first layer of grid cloth and the disc and its surrounding are covered with the plaster in time.

Rock wool board is an inorganic fiber board made of basalt as the main raw material and melted by high temperature. Rock wool manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large rock wool manufacturer in China, specializing in the production of high quality rock wool board. The products are widely used in the fields of petrochemical, textile metallurgy, electric power transportation and construction agriculture because of their good fire protection, heat preservation, sound absorption and noise reduction, green environmental protection and so on. Especially in recent years, a large number of applications in construction have provided strong support and support for the construction of more green buildings in China.


Fire prevention

The raw material of Changtai rock wool adopts natural volcanic rock, and it is a nonflammable building material fireproof material.

Main fire protection characteristics:

It has the highest fire rating of A1, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

The size is very stable, and it will not elongate, shrink or deform in fire.

It has high temperature resistance, and the melting point is higher than 1000.

It does not produce smoke or droplets or debris in the fire.

It will not release harmful substances and gases in the fire.


Rock wool fiber is long and flexible, and the content of slag ball is low. Thus heat conduction

The coefficient is low, and it has excellent thermal insulation effect.

Sound absorption and noise reduction

Rock wool is the ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous connection structure, which determines that the application of rock wool is an excellent sound absorption and noise reduction material.


The hydrophobicity of hydrophobic rock wool products can reach 99.9%, water absorption rate is very low, and capillary penetration is not possible.

Anti humid property

Under the condition of high relative humidity, the moisture absorption rate of rock wool is less than 0.2%. According to the ASTMC1104 or ASTM1104M method, the moisture absorption rate of rock wool is less than 0.3%.

Non corrosive

Rock wool is chemically stable, pH 7-8, neutral or weak alkaline, carbon steel, stainless steel,

No aluminum and other metal materials are corroded.

Safety and environmental protection

Rock wool does not contain asbestos, CFC, HFC, HCFC and other harmful substances. It will not be corroded or mildew or bacteria. (rock wool has been recognized by the international cancer research authority as a non carcinogen).

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