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What materials are used in the rock wool composite board

Add time :2018/06/15
      The rock wool composite board is a particularly practical and excellent synthetic material. Through special chemical processes, it makes it more and more efficient, so that people can buy it by not very high price. It can be used on many occasions, and the installation is particularly convenient. The most important thing is that its efficiency is particularly high. So what material is it made of? This is a detailed introduction to you, giving you a detailed knowledge of its origin and materials.

      The name of such a material of rock wool composite board can be easily found from its name. One of its materials is rock. This rock is basalt, and basalt is a kind of stone which is widely distributed on the surface of the earth. It is not accurate to look down. The stones are basalt, and the basalt is generally black. Its main composition is the same as that of sand, silica. But such a common basalt is not directly able to do the rock wool composite board, because the basalt is very brittle, to exploit a complete block of basalt stone, or more difficult.

      In addition to basalt, the rock wool composite board is also made from natural ore melted, but these natural ores are fine, and the most important is the binder. Because for stones, or for ores, it is not particularly easy to glue them together. After all, stone material has many kinds of composition. It is difficult to use adhesives for industrial technology to make the rough layers of the surfaces not well pinch after the melting of these stones.

      The difficulty of making the rock wool composite board is still relatively large. After all, it has several kinds of material, and the above kinds of materials are not suitable for mining, but the technical requirement of processing by adhesive is not particularly simple. Because of this, such a sheet can not meet the demand in the market, so technicians have to work hard to develop this kind of sheet.

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