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How to install the rock wool composite board

Add time :2018/06/15

The rock wool composite board says that a widely used building insulation material is currently used in the market. With its own characteristics, this material quickly occupies the building material market. The rock wool composite board is a new type of building material with a single comparison. The thermal conductivity is small, and it has a certain effect of heat absorption and flame retardancy. At present, most construction sites will use this new thermal insulation Cup living material to achieve the role of building insulation, so many builders in the formal construction should also know how the rock wool composite board is installed in advance.

Rock wool composite board to the vertical installation, saving a lot of construction space and materials in the swing of the mortar, the cotton composite board perfectly fit together, and then force tight pressure, they can stick together firmly in the later through the natural wind drying can be completely glued together in the later. In the actual construction process, some construction workers did not master the correct construction methods, resulting in many problems in the process of paste. Although it will not leave any close to the surface after completion, after a period of time, the outer wall of the building will fall off.

Before the formal construction, the general construction site will carry out pre job training for each construction worker, so that the construction personnel can master the correct method of installing the rock wool composite board. The rock wool composite board is one of the most common materials in the construction site at present. Because of its simple installation, this material has been widely used in the construction industry. In installation, it is necessary to ensure that the rock wool composite board is not damaged. In addition to saving space and materials, it is necessary to ensure that the rock wool composite board itself is not damaged.

Now many manufacturers of rock wool composite board production life is very long, in addition to their own quality, in the construction process, the construction of the correct construction is also very important. Although the method of installing the rock wool composite board is very simple, the consistency of the slurry made by the builders is very important and the consistency is moderate enough to fully fit the composite board to the exterior wall of the building.

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