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Characteristics of rock wool composite plate

Add time :2018/06/15
       Rock wool composite board has good performance and excellent quality. It is a very good substitute for common rock wool products. Its waterproof performance is outstanding. It has changed the problem of common rock wool water absorption and increased the thermal conductivity after water absorption. The water content of the rock wool is more than 98%, and it can solve the wet rock wool well. The problem of water absorption, thus expanding the use scope of rock wool board, let's have a detailed understanding of the main characteristics of the rock wool composite board.

       First of all, the rock wool composite board is connected by the combination of sticky and nail making technology and the base wall, and the plastering layer formed by the plaster glue and the reinforced glass fiber mesh fabric, the barrel decoration mortar veneer layer or the coating layer formed a class of anti combustion building energy saving and thermal insulation system. The joint is sealed by building type sealant strip, and at the same time, the use of silicone weather resistant adhesive ensures the sealing performance of the whole system.

       Secondly, the rock wool composite board is produced by professional technology, and can be used in the new or expanded and rebuilt exterior walls, and it has the effect of heat preservation and energy saving. The external thermal insulation of the exterior wall, the opaque curtain wall insulation and the fireproof isolation belt of the EPS external insulation system, the rock wool composite board can also use the exterior wall reconstruction project on the surface of different buildings, which can greatly reduce the project cost and greatly shorten the construction time.

       Thirdly, the rock wool composite board is a kind of material which has passed the relevant national building materials testing, all the indicators have reached the national standard. The vertical    silk rock wool composite board has very good weather resistance. The time of its use can reach several times of the other products on the market at the present stage, and it is very convenient to construct, greatly shortens the construction period. It has good insulation effect and beautiful appearance. Some products can also be constructed in winter.

      Finally, the thermal conductivity of rock wool composite board is not high, and has good permeability and combustion. Polystyrene boards, extruded panels and other composite boards can be used for exterior wall reconstruction of old buildings because of their unique installation methods.

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