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What industries can the hydrophobic rock wool board apply

Add time :2018/06/15
      Hydrophobic rock wool board is only a kind of thermal insulation material widely used now. This material is made of Xuan Wuyan and other ores as raw materials. This kind of insulation material needs to be made by high temperature, and some other substances should be added during the production process, so that it can play a role in curing. Hydrophobic rock wool board has poor heat conduction effect, and has a certain fire protection function. It is widely used in current application. According to the characteristics of this kind of product, it will be applied in different situations.

       Hydrophobic rock wool board has good fire protection function, so this kind of insulation material is also widely used in the current building materials industry, industrial industry, oil industry. The demand for insulation materials in these industries is very large, and it has very strict requirements for the protection of warm materials. This part of the enterprises in the daily production process should also do a good job of fire protection, using hydrophobic rock wool board at the root can achieve the effect of fire protection, can reduce the investment of enterprise funds, ensure the safe operation of the enterprise.

       Hydrophobic rock wool boards have a very strong hydrophobic function, which can also be directly applied to the construction industry. Construction site construction site is very complex, the environment is very humid. Therefore, the use of this hydrophobic rock wool board ensures the normal use of materials. Especially in this construction industry, the demand for thermal insulation materials is very large. Most enterprises will buy the corresponding thermal insulation materials in advance in the process of stacking, if the purchase of ordinary materials, for the more stringent environmental requirements, and the purchase of hydrophobic rock wool board for the environment of almost no requirement.

       Besides the good function of fire prevention and hydrophobicity, the main function of the hydrophobic rock wool board is better insulation effect. Now it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industries, and it will also be applied in the construction industry. Manufacturers will produce more high-quality hydrophobic rock wool boards according to the actual needs of construction units. Now these industries will also contact the manufacturers ahead of time before they are formally constructed, specializing in the preparation of hydrophobic rock wool boards.

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