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Which companies choose to hate water rock wool

Add time :2018/06/15
      Nowadays, enterprises will use some fireproof materials in the process of expansion, so as to ensure the safety of enterprises in the production process. There are many good materials for fire insulation and insulation in China, and the hydrophobic rock wool board is a very widely used material at present. This material is widely used in various situations. Because this material has a good fire prevention function, it is applied in some high-risk industries. Now, which companies will choose to buy hydrophobic rock wool board?

       Hydrophobic rock wool board has a good thermal insulation function, at the same time it can also prevent fire separation. This material is widely used in the automotive field. In the process of vehicle production, adding this material can play a better role in thermal insulation, and can also ensure that when the vehicle exploded, it can prevent the spread of the fire, and can protect the driver and prolong the rescue time of the fire. This material can be used not only in the field of automobile, but also in the field of mobile devices. In the field of mobile devices, many professional equipment will be used. It is very easy to cause a fire because of improper operation. The use of this material has a better protective effect and avoids the occurrence of fire accidents.

       Hydrophobic rock wool board is widely used in the construction industry at present. This kind of material is the main material of building external wall. Because this material has better thermal insulation effect, it also has a certain anti noise function. This can ensure that people will not be disturbed by noise in the life process. At the same time, the better insulation effect of this material makes people feel that it will not feel special cold in the surrounding environment in winter, and it can also play a better heat insulation role in summer.

      Hydrophobic rock wool boards have certain corrosion resistance. Therefore, this material can also be applied in a relatively humid environment. For example, this material can be used in cold storage projects or air conditioning pipes, and hydrophobic rock wool boards can also be used normally in such a very bad environment. Because this material has better performance, it can be used for a long time. In recent years, the development speed of building materials industry is very fast, and the life of hydrophobic rock wool board is also extending.

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